Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Dream

The haze from the early morning fog covered his body. Almost as if wrapped in a blanket of silky, white milk. Everything was unclear. As he took a deep breath, moisture wrapped his nostrils and invaded his lungs. What was he doing standing naked outside. The early chill made him feel alive and aware of almost every sound and smell. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a blurred figure move slowly, but could not make it out. Moving was impossible. Suddenly he realized he was tied to a post. His hands and legs bound by chains. Helplessly, he tried to cry out for anyone. There was a gag shoved into his mouth. Spitting it out was not only impossible, but he could feel his saliva dripping onto his bare, muscular chest. He could feel his heart pounding. So loudly that it felt like a drum beating. "What is going on," he yelled. The yell was turned into a muffled garble from the device in his mouth.
A flash of red from the figure again caught his eye. There wasn't enough light to make out what it was. Shiny silver circles gleamed on the red in the early morning dawn. On his neck was the stunning sensation of warm breath. It snaked across his ears, almost hissing at him. A lonely, solitary voice whispered in his right ear. "Got you right where I want you, isn't that right slave." He shivered. Struggled. Even whimpered as he realized there was no possible escape. "Help me, please," he whined. Again the voice softly told him there was no help, no aid, no hope. Fingernails slowly reached around his hips and gently scratched him on his crotch as he lurched up. "I am going to do things to you that you can't even imagine." The cold morning air was almost cruel mixed with her touch. He could now see her red vinyl outfit. Sleek and almost tempting him to try to touch it in anyway possible. The alarm woke him suddenly out of this cruel and erotic state. As he looked down he as covered in his own semen. With the smell of the cold morning air still in his nose.


  1. What the hell is happening to me?

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